The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process

Gain the complete planning process to meet best-interest standards and become a fiduciary.

The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process works to:

  • Simplify planning for clients to understand
  • Represent your clients’ best interests by delivering holistic, coordinated planning
  • Provide systematic best interest documentation for your planning process
  • Incorporate investments, insurance, tax, estate, Social Security, retirement income and healthcare planning
  • Utilize your existing investment and product platforms to build a comprehensive and holistic plan
  • Make clients comfortable with long-term investment commitments
  • Gather more assets while providing more value to your clients
  • Establish credibility through seamless, turnkey resources every step of the way
  • Systematically capture best interest documentation while educating your clients and creating new business opportunities
  • Reduce the three biggest risks in retirement (market risk, interest rate risk and sequences of returns risk)
  • Protect a surviving spouse from a decrease in income and increase in taxes
  • Determine if there will be an income deficit in retirement, and if so, how much is needed to recover
  • Avoid taking on too much investment risk on money needed in the near future
  • Simultaneously achieve safe, liquid money for immediate needs, consistent income and conservative growth for soon needs, and long-term growth and legacy planning for later needs

At the completion of the training, you will have the opportunity to take a proctored exam to earn The Bucket Plan Certification to help demonstrate your commitment to both professional education and best interest planning with clients and prospects. You will receive an official certificate you can display in your office to serve as a conversation starter and a visual reminder of your commitment to ongoing education and serving in your clients’ best interests.

Turnkey Client Resources

The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process will provide everything you need to communicate, document and implement a financial plan in the best interest of your clients. Examples of materials delivered at this event include:

  • Planning Process Tools:
    • The Fact Finder for identifying planning opportunities based on goals, concerns, objectives and more
    • The Money Cycle script and visual illustrations for client education
    • The Asset Sheet Questionnaire to uncover, subcategorize and inventory all assets
    • The Income Gap Assessment to identify supplemental income needs
    • The Sequence of Returns Risk tools to help clients understand the risk associated with the timing of investment returns in relation to the timing of withdrawals
    • The Volatility Tolerance Analysis to determine risk comfort level for each bucket
    • The Bucket Plan Design Worksheet to design a plan
  • Client Education Tools:
    • Videos
    • Scripts for each step
    • Case Studies
    • Worksheets
    • Questionnaires
    • Marketing collateral
    • Sample documents
  • Compliance Tools:
    • The Investment Planning Statement
    • Insurance Planning Statement
    • Tax Pro Forma Sample for Estimated Tax Liability

Certified Financial Fiduciary®

Gain the latest comprehensive knowledge about being a fiduciary. Learn what it takes to protect yourself, your practice and most importantly your clients – regardless of what legislation is proposed!

All fiduciaries are not the same. Certified Financial Fiduciary® is the new standard of excellence. Separate yourself, and join us to learn:

  • Sound financial planning and investment advisory practice standards based on comprehensive policies and procedures that adhere to current best interest standards
  • Comprehensive and current insight on the status of proposed fiduciary legislation and how it affects your practice
  • What you should and should not be doing during the transition period
  • The basis for, and benefits of, creating fiduciary standards of excellence in your practice
  • How to identify the different types of fiduciary status and what actions are necessary to trigger fiduciary responsibility
  • The difference between Suitability Standards and Fiduciary Standards
  • How to separate yourself from your competition
  • How to grow your practice built on good faith, care and loyalty to your client’s best interest
  • How to gain instant credibility and increase your value to existing and prospective clients
  • How to easily demonstrate that you always put your client’s interest first

Following the live training, attendees will be able to access the full, self-paced curriculum through an online portal as well as have access to the online exam to earn the Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation. You will receive an official certificate you can display in your office to serve as a conversation starter and a visual reminder of your commitment to ongoing education and serving in your clients’ best interests.

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