Everything you need to Be Fiduciary

Be Fiduciary training began with two industry leaders and one unified vision: a comprehensive training program to provide advisors with the credibility, planning process and client resources they need to truly Be Fiduciary.

Consumers are increasingly demanding fiduciary advisors, and more advisors have begun saying they were fiduciary, creating an impenetrable marketplace. How do advisors (with their client’s best interest as the first priority) stand out from a crowd? You can no longer just say you’re fiduciary—you must Be Fiduciary.

Understanding the fiduciary concept is important, but it’s only the beginning. Complying with fiduciary standards has created a new set of challenges for many financial professionals. You must know how to provide best interest advice and deliver a comprehensive fiduciary experience for the clients and community your serve.

This is not a search for subjective good faith – a pure heart and an empty head are not enough.” 
– Best Interest Contract Exemption (BICE)

Often, advisors are left to their own devices to develop and implement a compliant, best interest planning process that meets all the documentation requirements, and if they don’t, unintentionally or not, the liability falls squarely on the advisor.

Throughout this training, you will master a systematic, step-by-step approach to gathering, assessing, strategizing, structuring, communicating, delivering and documenting the entire financial planning process is essential in today’s fiduciary landscape.

This creates yet another hurdle – how to position the planning process and documentation requirements as a value-add to the client, and not as an intimidating, compliance-driven process filled with an abundance of legalese. You need a compelling story to accompany each step of the planning process, supported through scripts, planning tools, multimedia illustrations and similar to keep the process informative, engaging and personalized while delivering a recommendation in the client’s best interest and according to fiduciary standards.

This is what Be Fiduciary Training provides:

  • The Bucket Plan®Best Interest Process is a turnkey client process to help you gather and analyze documents and structure a client’s assets for the now, soon and later years of retirement; it is product agnostic and structurally helps you meet all documentation and disclosure requirements
  • Throughout the training, client resources, tools and materials will be provided to you to integrate into your own client meetings to help you communicate, structure and deliver a fiduciary planning experience that generates new business opportunities rather than deters them!
  • Gain credibility and stand apart from other advisors claiming to be fiduciary. Have the opportunity to earn the designation from the National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries (NACFF®) to become a Certified Financial Fiduciary®

Join us for two days to get the credibility, processes and resources you need to Be Fiduciary and serve your clients in their best interest.

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