The Bucket Plan®Best Interest Process is a comprehensive planning process that works to help advisors methodically gather, analyze, advise and document each step of the financial planning process while meeting the documentation requirements of a best interest standard.

The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process also takes into account the many variables that could negatively impact the long-term success of a financial plan, including volatility, taxes, inflation, life expectancy and similar, and effectively segments a client’s assets by income needs, time horizon and tax qualifications.

Financial professionals have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to account for all variables of their financial plan, and now they can also illustrate and document why each financial recommendation was made. The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process works to accomplish both—while educating and engaging clients to feel ownership and confidence in their plan.

This holistic planning approach helps advisors to remove the confusion and frustration surrounding meeting the best interest standard and empowers them with how and when to position compliance documentation.

Adhering to the most up-to-date best interest standards, The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process has been presented to both the Department of Labor and the Securities Exchange Commission, as well as prominent law firms, allowing it to proactively anticipate and include any provisions that may eventually be mandated by legislation. It’s a proven, duplicable process that was not derived as a response to proposed legislation, but rather developed and refined over the past decade. It is field tested by advisors nationwide who successfully position their best interest standards as a value-added service to attract and retain more clients, accounts and assets.

The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process comes with an array of turnkey client resources and planning tools along with instruction on when and how to use them throughout the planning process.

At the completion of the training, attendees will have the opportunity to take a proctored exam to earn The Bucket Plan Certification to help demonstrate a commitment to both professional education and best interest planning with clients and prospects.

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