Be Fiduciary: Your clients are asking for it.

The Fiduciary Standard is Here to Stay.

Upcoming Training:

October 29-30 | Pittsburgh, PA

Only a few seats remain - register soon to participate in the last Be Fiduciary of 2019!

Decipher what’s truly in your clients’ best interest and how to justify your recommendations


Make it easy for your clients to understand their plan and implement your recommendations


Earn the Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation and differentiate yourself from the competition


Utilize proven tools to develop and justify your product or portfolio recommendations with complete documentation

Join us for this 2 day event to:

Tap into a step-by-step best interest financial planning process and earn a certification to further illustrate your expertise and commitment to advise in your clients’ best interests

Access turnkey client resources and planning tools to help you to simplify the planning process and create unique value for your clients while simultaneously documenting your recommendations, turning regulation changes into new business opportunities

Differentiate yourself from the competition with the opportunity to earn the Certified Financial Fiduciary®designation

Register now for the Be Fiduciary training event. This 2 day event is in your  best interest.

Don’t just say you’re fiduciary—Be Fiduciary.

The demand for best interest financial planning from consumers and regulators alike is not going away. You have the opportunity to embrace this movement ahead of your competition to create new value for your clients and prospects – delivering greater service while generating greater business opportunities.

The standard of client care has become significantly greater today than ever before in the financial services industry. Yet, many advisors are left to their own devices to gain visibility in a crowded marketplace, establish trust and confidence with their clients and prospects, and take them through a “best interest” financial planning process. If any one step in the planning process is overlooked, the fault can fall squarely on you.

Be Fiduciary is the first training event to bring together all the pieces of the fiduciary puzzle, helping you Be Fiduciary from start to finish.

Course Instructors

Jason Smith CEP®, CLTC President & CEO

Jason Smith
CEP®, CLTC President & CEO
Certified Financial Fiduciary®

Dave Alison CFP® Executive Vice President

Dave Alison
CFP® Executive Vice President
Certified Financial Fiduciary®

Rick McClanahan
Founder, CEO & Instructor
Certified Financial Fiduciary®

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